Woohoo! Thanks so much when I have time I can make it an art trade (just hit me up whenever). Aaaand to reblog a pic of myself now for reference. Oh and take your time. I know what it’s like to be pressured and it’s not fun e___e
Oh my gosh there’s no need to draw me anything. I’ll never turn it down though. If you ever feel like making me something, I guess me in Rogue of Light garb would be NEAT. I haven’t updated the image though, so you can’t see the hair properly and it’s the Rogue outfit before the canon was released hurr.
And I already finished it! I like working on these fast.
Here you go = 
I tried to make it thumbs-up with one eyebrow raised, but idk if it looks right ahahaha. I also gave you purple lips because of reasons.
Hope you like it. 8)
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